LG CLOi SuitBot Exoskeleton

For some time now, tech wizards have been trying to figure out ways to build Iron Man-style exoskeletons — both to help give mobility back to people who’ve been injured or suffer from disabilities and to help abled people increase their strength and stamina when performing difficult work. Unfortunately, they’ve been pretty bulky and cumbersome up to this point. That looks to be changing, however, with the unveiling of LG’s CLOi SuitBot.

This device is more than just a robotic suit, it actually contains AI technology that enables it to learn how to better assist the wearer. And while that hasn’t changed since the original unveiling in August, the overall bulk of the device has been lessened considerably — as they’ve removed the “legs” that used to extend to the ground, making this new version (which extends only to the user’s hips) a lot more portable and easy to use. It’s also fully automated, self-activating when the user bends at an angle greater than 65 degrees, and serves to augment the user’s physical capabilities to allow for greater strength and less fatigue. It also operates for four hours on a single one-hour charge. LG claims the exosuit will be ready for commercial use soon.

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