Lexus Designed Their First-Ever Hydrogen-Fueled Recreational Vehicle

Photo: Lexus

Car companies are no strangers to dipping their toes outside of the automotive space. Honda makes a variety of power equipment like lawnmowers and generators and BMW designs bobsleds for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled/Skeleton team. It’s normal for automotive companies to expand their purview to different markets, but that didn’t stop the world from being gobsmacked when Lexus revealed their concept for a hydrogen-powered, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV).

The Japanese automaker revealed the ROV concept at the end of a digital press conference for the debut of the Lexus LX SUV. While the bulk of the video focuses on the LX, the final minutes of the press conference turn to Lexus’ commitment to providing “freedom of movement” to their customers who yearn for greater adventure than their luxury SUV offers. Moreover, Lexus stated they would only support their commitment if they could actualize it in a carbon-neutral way. What resulted from their endeavor to provide a sustainable form of freedom was a bronze-colored side-by-side with a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine, the ROV concept. This recreational vehicle concept accomplishes Lexus’ carbon neutral commitment as its only byproduct is water. The ROV concept has an agile, modern design that, according to its video footage, is capable of tackling puddles and muddy terrain. Though practically all of the specifications for the ROV concept have yet to be released, Lexus boasts it can go places where even other off-road vehicles dare not go.

Whether or not Lexus intends to become a major player in the side-by-side space, the ROV stands as an extension of Lexus’ ambition to create a lifestyle where people can enjoy driving without causing harm to the planet. Lexus has yet to give a release window for the ROV concept, but it can be seen in all its futuristic glory in the Lexus LX press conference video below the break.

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