Lexus Previews Its Electrified Future With The Tech-Laden LF-Z Concept Car

Although most automakers have been reluctant to embrace the onset of the electric car, Lexus was, by contrast, a pretty early adopter. In fact, upon its debut back in 2005, the RX 400h became one of the first-ever luxury vehicles to incorporate a hybrid drivetrain. That being said, it pales in comparison to the brand’s latest concept.

It’s called the ‘LF-Z Electrified,’ and it coincides with an ambitious initiative in which Lexus will add 20 electric models to its lineup by 2025. So, whether it’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric, it’ll likely sport styling similar to that on the vehicle before you. For instance, the characteristic spindle grille has been replaced by a solid plastic unit that hides a slew of sensors providing Level 3 driving autonomy. What’s more, it features a massive electrochromic roof capable of going from opaque to transparent at the push of a button. And when it comes to the interior, Lexus has had a sci-fi field day, imagining the LF-Z with advanced AI interfacing, digital key operation, and even a yoked wheel complete with steer-by-wire control. As far as performance goes, there’s little available information apart from a new DIRECT4 drivetrain, but you can learn more below.

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