Lexdray Mont Blanc Pack

Remember the bindle? That was the old-time stick-and-cloth carrying contraption that you’d see in cartoons anytime the main character had to hit the road. It was cute for its time, but if you’re serious about hiking, you’re gonna need something up to the task.

Lexdray’s Mont Blanc Pack is a versatile, hiking-inspired solution. Made from ultra-durable weather-resistant materials, the Mont Blanc Pack features a convenient dual entry design, water-repellent zippers, a hidden buckle system, hide-away compression straps, a removable waterproof cover and waist strap, and plenty of easy access compartments that’ll surely come in handy on the trail or in the city. With 9 exterior zipper pockets and two interior zipper pockets, your memory might get a test, but you’ll have no issues with finding a place for your stuff. Choose from olive or black and you’re all set. [Purchase]

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