LEVO Home Oil & Butter Infuser

Infused oils and butter can be a great way of upping the ante in your holiday cooking. However, the mess involved too often outweighs the benefits of all your hard work. Not anymore, thanks to the LEVO Oil and Butter Infuser, a personalized home infusion system.

Using controlled heat to transfer flavor and nutrients into the carrier of your choosing, LEVO automates the traditional methods of infusion making the process as easy of brewing a cup of coffee or tea. For instance, infuse some vanilla into coconut oil for a refreshing cake, create rosemary olive oil for dipping or a marinade, or even go as far as making your own cannabis-infused butter for some heady holiday treats. They come in several different colorways including copper, black, or stainless steel depending on your personal preference as well. Interested “infusees” can also pre-order theirs now for an early 2017 delivery date. Slated to MSRP for $140. [Purchase]

LEVO Home Oil and Butter Infuser 2