Levitat Tree Tent

What can be better than sleeping several feet off the ground and out of harm’s way in a sturdy floating tent in the wilderness? Yeah…we couldn’t come up with anything either. Introducing the Levitat, a new way to camp and spend quality time outdoors without all the worry. It’s a new form of ground control.

Each product is a cleverly suspended, lightweight and 100 percent waterproof system that ensures a bug-free and comfortable night’s sleep. Every time. The product is quite modular as well. Use the tethers for slacklining or yoga to improve your balance, elevate you and your friends at a music festival, or set up a tree house for the kids (or yourself if you need time to get away). The Levitat comes with a waterproof fly and a night cover with zip adjustable windows. The main frame is cranked tight by three anchor points, and the internal floor strap divides the Levitat into three comfortable individual hammocks. It should become available later this year. You can stay updated on the release through their website. [Purchase]

Levitat Tree Tent 5

Levitat Tree Tent 3

Levitat Tree Tent 6

Levitat Tree Tent 1

Levitat Tree Tent 7