LEVITAT Aerial Mat

One of the best parts about having a trampoline in your backyard as a kid wasn’t just that you got to hop around like a bunny on speed. Having a trampoline meant you had a hangout spot. A place to lay on your back with friends and counting the clouds. Now, thanks to LEVITAT Aerial Mat, you can relive those lazy afternoons on your own time.

Thanks to its large and inviting design, this triangular hammock hybrid can easily fit up to three people with ease. As far as setup goes, the LEVITAT is pretty straight-forward. Much like laying out a slackline, this large mat requires you to attach the three points to either trees or an optional frame. More than for just chilling out, the bouncy, yet cushioned frame makes for an awesome extra challenge for those looking to push their yoga routines to the next level. Without a doubt – this is the summer to ditch the beach towel.

Kickstarter: $240