Levi’s & New Balance Partner To Celebrate The 35-Year-Old 1300 Sneaker

Mar 9, 2020

Category: Style

Few companies are as heritage-focused as Levi’s. The same can be said for New Balance, a centurial footwear company that holds true to its identity as a one-hundred-plus year outfit from Boston’s weathered streets. That’s why the celebration — and subsequent partnership — of the pair for the 1300 series’ 35th anniversary is such big news, combining vintage materials, durable construction, and stylish design for an exclusive, limited-quantity release.

The Levi’s x New Balance M1300CL sneaker celebrates the three-decade lineage of the original 1300 shoe, highlighting the impact that both companies have had on the footwear space since their conception. A handsomely-tailored upper arrives imbued with suede and denim, complementing the M1300CL’s dark indigo heel, orange accents, and labels pulled straight from the back pocket of Levi’s’ revered jeans. But what makes the shoe so special is its integration of Cone Mills White Oak XX52 deadstock denim — an iconic textile contracted from the artisanal craftsmen at Greensboro, North Carolina’s most prominent mill. Look for the sneaker to hit the stores’ online retailers on March 26 for around $200, but be quick — only a select few will be lucky enough to procure an item from the limited release.

Purchase: $200

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