Turn The Clock Back With Levi’s 1975 Soapbox Derby-Inspired Clothing

With an expansive 167-year-long history, Levi’s has more than its fair share of period collections to draw from when seeking inspiration for its contemporary clothing lineup. Though for its latest collection, the San Francisco-based denim powerhouse has taken things one step further than simply calling on its wares of yesteryear to influence its modern duds, and has instead opted to rerelease a myriad of quintessential 1970s fashion pieces with its new vintage collection.

As the story goes, in 1975, San Francisco’s Museum Of Art became the SFMOMA under director Henry T. Hopkins. To celebrate the occasion, the MOMA invited artists to take part in a soapbox derby in the city’s John McLaren Park. In preparation for the release of its Spring/Summer 2020 Vintage Clothing collection, Levi’s has recreated the whimsical event, complete with models in period-correct clothing from the new collection. Recreated using the exact fits, fabrics, and other various details from Levi’s mid-’70s lineup, the current collection boasts a wide range of unmistakably ‘70s digs, includes re-released versions of some its iconic denim trucker jackets, corduroy pants, and jackets, and a slew of other accurately replicated clothing. The collection also boasts a few recreated Levi’s items from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Purchase: $88+