Levimoon Levitating Moon Lamp

For as long as people have been confined to desks, we’ve had desk toys. During idle moments we’ve spun things like tops, clacked together Newton’s cradles, and even shook magic 8-balls hoping they’d reveal what to do next. Now, thanks to Levimoon, we can all stare contemplatively into the old man in the moon without having to get up and look out the window.

Originally a Kickstarter project, this levitating desktop gadget has gone through a few full cycles of development and emerged as its own fully fledged product. Made using 3D printing technology, the detailed celestial orb can be easily placed on its handsome wooden display-stand on your desk or shelf where it’ll float up soundlessly. The moon can also be lit up white or a more warm harvest orange at a number of different brightness levels. Unfortunately, though, there is no word on whether it tells you life’s secrets when you shake it.

Purchase: $290