Lenovo’s Iconic TrackPoint Keyboard Is Now A Portable Bluetooth Device

Since the initial design of IBM’s iconic Thinkpad, the red-buttoned wonder has continued to thrive as one of the world’s most business-oriented notebooks. And while they might seem aesthetically drab, conservative, and relatively uninteresting, the company’s utilitarian design principle has always remained the same. Now, the laptop’s recognizable keyboard has been reintroduced for desktop users everywhere.

After falling under the umbrella of Lenovo, the Thinkpad was thought to have been a prime contender for a modernized rework. Regardless of its updated mechanical and technological structure, the brand opted to keep the trademark TrackPoint — an iconic red alternative to the traditional mouse, allowing for accurate tracking and use while on-the-go. With its most recent release, Lenovo has duplicated the laptop keyboard and centralized TrackPoint for use alongside a desktop, offering users a wireless, Bluetooth-capable substitute that looks and feels exactly like the original. It features dish-shaped ergonomic keycaps, comes complete with a wireless nano USB dongle, and supports both Android and Windows operating systems. Grab one of your own for $99.

Purchase: $99