Lenovo Unveils The World’s First Laptop With A Folding Screen

Tech companies continue to push the digital boundaries every day, giving you more advanced, ergonomic devices to make our sci-fi appliance dreams a reality. Following the path of the smartphone with a bendable display, the Lenovo Foldable Laptop is the first of its kind, joining the ThinkPad X1 family.

At the Accelerate conference, Lenovo unveiled the foldable-display laptop, claiming that it’s a standalone replacement rather than a supplement. The adaptable device has a 13.3-inch diagonal LG OLED 2K display in full-screen mode and a 9.6-inch screen when folded. It has a touchscreen keyboard, but you can also prop it up and utilize a Bluetooth keyboard for a more tangible option. You can even fold it slightly and use it as a digital book, morph it into a clamshell to get through your emails, or use it as a tablet. The Intel-powered device will hit shelves in 2020.
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