Leica’s 4K, 60FPS SL2-S Is The Brand’s Most Video-Focused Camera Yet

Although Leica has long served as the preeminent choice of the photographic community, it’s nevertheless left part of its market underserved. Despite its optical excellence, the brand has never really directly catered to anyone other than those who spend their time behind the lens shooting stills. At least until now.

With the announcement of the SL2-S comes Leica’s most video-capable model yet. Like its flagship older sibling, the camera features a premium all-metal body with an L-lens mount. However, underneath, it’s been completely reoptimized for improved filming performance. For instance, it’s been given a new 24MP CMOS-BSI sensor and two completely distinct shooting modes and menus in order to allow for balanced shooting between mediums. What’s more, it comes with 4k recording at 10bit 4:2:2 and C4k recording at 10bit 4:2:2 video, meaning that it’s on par with most pro-grade cinema cameras. And thanks to its integrated viewing LUTs (Look Up Tables), the SL2-S makes it easier than ever for shooters to changing the color and grading on their videos in real-time. But the cherry on top has to be that because of the camera’s unlimited recording time, your only cap is by the size of your SD card. Available now for $4,895.

Purchase: $4,895