Leica Adds Image Stabilization To A 5K Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nov 6, 2019

Category: Tech

It’s been four years since Leica pushed the boundaries of mirrorless photography with the SL platform — and while the company’s innovative introduction was, and continues to be, well-received by the professional community, it’s been overshadowed by the medium’s recent offerings. Now, the German outfit has revealed its most recent project, the Leica SL2, as a way to reinforce its mirrorless expertise.

With an ergonomic, intuitive silhouette as the primary focus for the camera, Leica has introduced a simplified, three-button layout on the rear, an improved grip area, and a handful of subtle changes to the SL’s classically-angular structure. Below the hood, this quintessential offering has been outfitted with both a powerful Maestro III image processor and a 47-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, resulting in stress-free operation, and sharp captures. A color depth of 14 bits per RGB channel and an enhanced dynamic range pair with the camera’s 50-50000 ISO to deliver exceptional low-light clarity, while in-body sensor-shift image stabilization introduces exceptionally-smooth functionality, and the ability to blend eight frames together to achieve an ultra-high-resolution, 187-megapixel photo. For the video connoisseurs out there, the SL2 will also feature a specialized Cine mode that transitions the camera into a manually-controlled cine variant, marking the shutter speed in degrees, replacing F-stops with T-stops, and converting ISO to an ASA measurement. And the brand is even claiming it can produce footage up to 5K. The Leica SL2 will be available on November 21 for $5,995.

Purchase: $5,995

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