Leica S3 Medium Format Camera

With a large push toward mirrorless camera technology over the past year, most manufacturers have been focusing on the innovation and polish of their smaller handheld lineups. Leica, however, has been working on something a little different for their 10th anniversary — a successor to their S TYP 007 medium format camera — the all new Leica S3.

The new medium format DSLR from the famed camera manufacturer will feature a monstrous 64-megapixel resolution — a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the decade-old S2, which utilizes a smaller 37.5-megapixel sensor. The camera’s ProFormat CMOS sensor was developed exclusively for the Leica S-System and houses a 30 x 45 millimeter 3:2 aspect ratio that corresponds to the classic 35mm full-frame. A 15 stop dynamic range, paired with the camera’s improved high ISO performance (with a sensitivity of up to 50,000) is a notch in the belt for Leica, who have opted to focus on improved low-light performance for their flagship DSLR offering. And the S3 doesn’t only shoot spectacular photos — it also features full-HD and cinema resolution 4K video that doesn’t resort to a minimized crop factor — perfect for prosumers who want to dabble in moving photography without sacrificing valuable sensor space. The camera is slated to launch in the Spring of 2019.

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