Leica Revives Its Iconic Noctilux Lens For 2021 With A $16K Limited Edition

When Leica debuted the Noctilux lens back in 1966, it floored everyone from casual photo enthusiasts to seasoned industry experts alike with its unprecedented performance. With a massive f1.2 aperture and some first-of-their-kind aspherical elements, it was truly unlike anything else on the market. Hell, assuming you can find one in working order, it’s impressive even by today’s standards

With the announcement of the Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2, Leica is bringing the icon back from the dead. And the best part — Leica says the image capabilities are nearly identical. However, while it may have been created as a reissue of the original, this isn’t some over-priced offering intended to satisfy your nostalgia. On the contrary — with its beautiful bokeh at wider apertures and super sharp detail once stopped below f2.8, it’s every bit as technically adept as its forebear. Available in both standard black and special edition silver finishes, the former retails for $7,695 while the latter — limited to just 100 units globally — will set you back some $16,395. Like the original Noctilux, they come shipped in a clear lens container.

Purchase: $7,695+