This Bespoke Leica MP Remembers One Of America’s Darkest Days

On one of humanity’s most disheartening days, the police officer turned journalist, John Botte, documented stories of pain, terror, and heroism on New York’s “Ground Zero.” Today, it’s believed that a large portion of the visual material that would be released following the national tragedy would belong to Botte — and now, a bespoke Leica MP belonging to the documentarian is being listed for auction.

In the years following the events of 9/11, Botte would relinquish this photographic device to designer and master engraver, Sam Alfano, to create a one-of-a-kind exterior for the camera. After working on the specialized body for nearly two years, Alfano returned the MP to Botte with its newly acquired design — revealing that he would never complete another in his lifetime. Alfano’s statement makes this unique example all the rarer — so rare, in fact, that Botte would donate the camera to Leica’s Miami store for display, maintenance, and safekeeping. Now, the time has come for this collectible piece to find a new home. The historically relevant Leica MP “John Botte” is available for auction via Leitz Photographica for an estimated $68,000.

Purchase: $68,000+