Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera

Feb 1, 2016

Category: Tech

In 2012, camera-maker Leica released their gorgeous White Edition Set in Japan. Unless you lived overseas, or had contacts that could get it, you missed out. It never made an appearance in the United States, and the English-speaking world was denied a gorgeous, if expensive camera. It’s 2016, and the company is finally making amends by putting out their M9-P White Limited Edition Camera for a scant $50 G’s to the world at large.

Wrapped in white leather and chrome, the M9-P is a striking standout in a world filled with black and silver cameras. It features the fastest aspherical lens in the world, the Noctilux-M 50mm ASPH, which is given its own silver caps as part of the package. For most shutterbugs, it’s a luxury piece (with a nearly $50,000 price tag), but given the rarity of the camera collectors should also make note. Supplies are limited, so if you’re interested, move fast. [Purchase]

Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera 2

Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera 3

Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera 4

Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera 5

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