Leica M10-P Digital Camera

Adding yet another premium camera to their M Series, Leica continues to remind us why they are one of the best in creating products that capture our most memorable moments. Their latest entry is a stealthy covert camera with high-quality features that we’ve come to expect from the brand.

The 24MP M10-P actually stands out from the pack by being inconspicuous with its brand new, almost inaudible mechanical shutter, allowing you to capture true candids. Besides its unobtrusive shutter, the M10-P camera features the debut of Leica’s new touchscreen that enables you to quickly check the focus on ‘Live-View’ and ‘Playback’ modes. It also offers convenient touchscreen controls, which include swiping and pinch-to-zoom, making it similar to an iPad screen. It can also help you capture the perfect shot with its built-in level gauge so that you can frame a moment without fail. Adding to the minimalist design, as well as the clandestine theme of the camera, is the omission of the iconic red dot logo on the front. You’re able to pre-order Leica’s new camera right now.

Purchase: $7,995