Leica M-P Type 240 Safari edition

Sure, it’s called the M-P Type 240 Safari edition, but we’ve checked with Leica and don’t worry, just like with previous Safari editions, you are in no way obligated to wear one of those big game hunter hats with this thing.

All the extra styling you need is right there with the silver 35 Summicron lens, full grain cowhide carrying strap and matching SD & business card holder. The Safari edition also has an olive lacquered top cover, leatherette and bottom plate, while the shutter speed dial, On/Off switch, release button, and hot shoe have a silver finish. The engraving on the top cover is reminiscent of the first safari camera in 1960 and has the classic Leica logo inscribed on one line and the wording ‘WETZLAR GERMANY’ on the second line. The camera itself features a sapphire LCD cover, 24 megapixel full-frame sensor, and 2GB buffer memory. It’s limited to 1,500 sets. [Purchase]