Leica M Edition 60 Camera

Leica, the maker of some of, if not the most beautiful cameras on Earth, has once again made a splash in the shooter market. Celebrating the 60th birthday of their classic M-Series, the brand unveils the Lecia M Edition 60 Camera.

This rangefinder may be simple, but the craftsmanship is nothing short of impeccable. The camera has seen many standard functions stripped in order to provide nothing more than the bare essentials – which includes everything from shutter speed and aperture to focusing and ISO sensitivity. The camera has been equipped with a Summilux 35mm f/1.4 lens, and like many Leica shooters in the past, it will be limited. Only 600 units will hit the retail scene this October, all of which will set you back just over $19,000 USD. [Purchase]

Leica M Edition 60 Camera 2

Leica M Edition 60 Camera 3

Leica M Edition 60 Camera 4