Leica Rounds Out Their M-System With An Entry-Level Camera

Leica’s iconic camera line has only continued to grow in size (and stature) in recent years, and with the classic manufacturer taking steps to “compete” with imitative companies, the prices for their offerings have steadily risen. Now, the manufacturer has announced an affordable alternative for prospective buyers.

After recognizing that Leica’s M-ecosystem had garnered a high cost-of-entry, the famed German manufacturer has introduced the M-E (Typ 240) — an entry-level platform to keep photographers on their toes and in-league with the company’s high-end offerings. The camera introduces the manufacturer’s MAX 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, 3-inch rear display, and elegant design principles at an exemplary price point, bringing shooters a tried-and-true reportage camera at a fraction of the cost. Better yet, the M-E (Typ 240) boasts an upgraded 2GB buffer, usurping the Leica M-P’s atypical shooting (and storage) speed. The M-E is slated for release at the end of July for an established $3,995.

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