Leica L1 and L2 Watches

When you think of Leica, you think of some of the most expertly designed cameras in the world, so it’s kind of a big deal when they decide to try their hand at watchmaking. Leica introduces not one, but two time pieces, flexing their talents in creating simply beautiful, functional products.

Both watches have a similar polished black and silver classic design, and both have a separate pusher to set the date, whereas the crown is used in most other watches. The L2 watch has a little more going for it, as it features a day/night indicator, along with a rotating GMT bezel. Both feature some subtle nods to Leica’s camera designs, such as the crown, which is set with a red ruby, similar to the iconic Leica red dot logo, and a reserve indicator aperture on the dial, reminiscent of the light meter on the Leica M3 camera. Furthermore, the L1 and L2 watches have a finely designed hand-wound movement, with opened bridges and 3D architecture that’s visually intriguing. The simpler L1 model with be priced at $12,000; however, the L2 does not have a set price yet. Both models will be released in limited quantity later this year.

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