This Leica Camera Honors Germany’s Iconic Bauhaus Art School

The influence of Bauhaus is omnipresent, and apart from its timeless iconography within art, culture, and design, it’s spurred one of the most celebrated movements in the history of the medium. Leica, Germany’s most lauded camera manufacturer, has always fostered a deep respect for the innovative school, going so far as to release its own commemorative examples for Bauhaus’ 100th anniversary.

However, this isn’t the first time that the prolific camera company has decided to honor Bauhaus. In May, Leica revealed the CL ‘100 Jahre Bauhaus’ Edition, offering buyers a minimalistic take on its already-simplified camera body. Now, for the company’s second release, they’ve reached into their archive to introduce the CL ‘Bauhaus Museum Dessau,’ a limited-edition model that provides a striking alternative to the original. Like its predecessor, the newest edition is dressed in an aesthetically-pleasing black leather wrap. It also forgoes the use of the company’s trademark red badge; instead, a subtle black/white variant adorns the camera’s body, alongside a shadowy Bauhaus logo that was originally created by Joost Schmidt, one of the school’s most lauded designers. If you’re a fan of the movement’s most influential teachings, the Leica CL ‘Bauhaus Museum Dessau’ commemorative camera is available for pre-order via the company’s website for $3,950, with only 150 models slated for release.

Purchase: $3,950