Leica Honors The Bauhaus School Of Art With A Compact Offering

Leica has one of the most prestigious histories of any camera manufacturer, so, when the German company chooses to recognize a long-running school of art and design for its upcoming special edition release, the photographic world is sure to take note. To celebrate Bauhaus’ centennial, the prolific camera proprietor has channeled the school’s renowned name for a minimalistic release.

The newly announced “100 Years Of Bauhaus” Leica CL pays homage to the famous art school, adding a black leather wrap, specialized carrying strap, and collector-approved serialization number that are sure to make the minimalist camera an instant hit. As with most of Leica’s limited-edition offerings, the CL will come with an impeccably-crafted Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens, offering consumers a top-of-the-line optical element to make their photographic visions a reality. The portable system was built to bridge the disciplines of art and application — and with a renowned name like Bauhaus embossed on its exterior, the Leica CL is sure to inspire both amateur and professional shooters alike. The commemorative “100 Years Of Bauhaus” edition is available via Leica’s website for $3,750.

Purchase: $3,750