LEGO x Levi’s Join Forces For A Customizable BRICK Clothing Capsule

For the past couple of weeks, Levi’s and LEGO have been teasing their upcoming partnership. While we’ve been left in the dark regarding the extent of their collaboration, the pair has finally revealed the fruits of its labor — a customizable, color-blocked rendition of the denim company’s legendary denim jeans, packs, and torso pieces.

The capsule utilizes a number of Levi’s most notable items, including denim trucker jackets, 501 jeans, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies. Instead of the traditional “red label” detailing/iconography that would be included on Levi’s goods, buyers will find that each garment includes a custom-sewn patch, instead, allowing wearers to personalize their gear with a set of co-branded LEGO dots. Each patch is malleable, meaning that you won’t have to worry about breaking pieces off of your newly-decorated backpack, trucker, or denim jean. As a result, the brand’s timeless clothing pieces can be formed into an expression of their wearer’s own unique personality, tastes, and design preferences. Things like zippers, buttons, and pulls have also been replaced with more colorful counterparts. The collection is slated to launch on October 1, but you can head to the LEGO website for a closer look prior to release.

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