LEGO Designers Used 10K Pieces To Create This Soothing Soundscape Playlist

Those who were fortunate enough to grow up with a boxful of plastic Danish building bricks — or had friends with access — probably understand that LEGO is much more than just a visual and tactile experience. Just click a couple together or pour some onto the floor and you’ll become privy to the auditory side of them. Well, the designers at LEGO in their wisdom have realized this multi-sensory side of these iconic toys and have put together a relaxing White Noise playlist comprised entirely of LEGO sounds.

The project hinges on a simple fact: each and every LEGO piece creates its own distinct sound. So, the designers experimented with over 10,000 pieces to craft a series of soundscapes that capture every click, cascade, crumble, etc. Including tracks like “It All Clicks” — the simple, satisfying sound of two pieces snapping together — and “The Waterfall” — a cacophony created by a cascade of thousands of pieces being dumped onto one another. Available for free on 15 different streaming services, including iTunes and Spotify, the LEGO White Noise Playlist is playable right now.

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