LEGO VW Beetle

Arguably more well known than the group themselves, the Volkswagen Beetle is iconic as it is ironic. At the time, automotive production in the ‘60s based itself upon the notion that size does matter; that the most desired vehicles around were those that roared under the hood and took up an entire garage. Volkswagen however, looked towards producing a small, admittedly weak, vehicle at an affordable price. And it worked, still to this day. Now, another fan of the mini world, LEGO, pays tribute to the little Beetle with their release of this 1,167 piece model.

Specifically, the vehicle at hand here is the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle that, when fully assembled, measures 10 inches long by four inches wide. It also includes the ’60s model hubcaps and a surfboard for the roof rack. Closer detail reveals several additional features as well including a removable roof, beige-brick interior, and opening doors, trunk, hood. Not a bad tribute to the neat little buggy and LEGO will retail the item for $100 beginning August 1.

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