LEGO Voltron: Legendary Defender Set

A favorite of ’80s kids everywhere, Voltron always seemed like a shoe-in to get his own LEGO set. But, alas, an official one never came. That is, until the Ideas community got ahold of him. Now, the Defender of the Universe has his own 2,321-piece set.

That piece count actually makes Voltron the largest plastic building block mech set that LEGO has ever produced. But that’s not even the coolest part of this classic anime-inspired kit because, along with including the giant robot’s Blazing Sword, this kit actually deconstructs into the 5 constituent Lion Bots that make up the larger robot – each of which having their own articulation points. Measuring up at 15″ tall when fully constructed, this LEGO kit will hit stores starting on August 1st, for $180.

Purchase: $180