LEGO Turns The Unsinkable Titanic into a Super-Detailed 9,000+ Piece Set

Following months of speculation, LEGO has finally revealed one of its most spectacular projects to date, which says a lot. Prepare to set sail on the extravagant LEGO Titanic.

Made up of a whopping 9,096 pieces, the beloved brand’s upcoming holiday release is slated to rank as their second-largest model to date. Aside from the Art World Map, that is, which contained a sliver over 11,500 bricks and retailed for a debatably humble $250. While a number as large as that is impressive, it didn’t boast the artisanship that is far too distinguished on their replica of the legendary British liner. Using original blueprints from the ship itself, LEGO implemented a handful of its specific rooms as well, including the sumptuous First-Class grand staircase that stretches a bewildering six decks. The further you look, you can find a trio of details that showcase the Titanic’s luxurious mystique: its cosmopolitan smoking lounge, high-octane engine room, and Jacobean-style dining saloon. On top of interior details, the functions also mirror that of the ship with its raisable anchors. Spanning 1.3 meters, this world-class model is sure to take up a boatload of table space, and time.

Beating out their Colosseum model by a mere 60 pieces, LEGO’s latest announcement is one for the ages and not the younger ones. You’ve surely heard about the Titanic, and maybe you’ve even found some time to watch the whole movie, but have you ever built it before? Starting November 1st, for a hefty mark of $630, you sure can. But you can pre-order it from the brand’s website today.

Purchase: $630

Credit: LEGO
Credit: LEGO