LEGO’s Intricate Globe Set Invites You to Take on the World in 2,585 Pieces

LEGO just seems to be increasing in popularity every day, especially with adults. Seeing as the beloved model sets have become a gold standard in toy-making around the globe, it only seems right to build one out of the brand’s signature bricks. And that’s exactly what LEGO’s done with its meticulously-made new build, The Globe, which will make as great an addition to a child’s playroom as it does your private study.

Once completed, the spherical model neatly spins on an axis courtesy of the brand’s trademark TECHNIC pieces. For authenticity’s sake, it is embellished with a pair of ship and compass icons that recall the globes of yesteryear. As a result of its brick makeup, avid builders can add their own personal flair to The Globe by tacking a few extra pieces where they see fit. Plus, it stands at over 16″ high, measuring in at an even larger size than the standard foot-tall desk globe.

LEGO’s latest adult-friendly build comes courtesy of the brand’s fan-inclusive Ideas collection. The Globe was designed by Guillaume Roussel, a French man who is clearly very familiar with the iconic Danish toy brand. Looking to convey elements of creativity and education, the new set comes equipped with glow-in-the-dark tiles that label each continent and ocean, respectively.

In all seriousness, this may be one of the few opportunities where you can literally have the world in the palm of your hand. LEGO’s latest Ideas set is slated to release on February 1st and is listed at $200.

Purchase: $200

Photo: LEGO
Photo: LEGO