Lego The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine

The Beatles, while active as a musical group for a relatively short amount of time, contributed to pop culture so deeply that we are still seeing the ripple effect of their influence today. And we don’t just mean in regards to music, as they’ve touched nearly all branches of entertainment from art to film and so on – they even have their own dedicated Rock Band video game. Now the Fab Four are making their official Minifig debut, alongside a vehicle that’s familiar to anyone who has seen the band’s 1968 animated feature, Yellow Submarine.

The titular sea-vehicle; alongside dead-on film-accurate miniatures of George, Paul, John, Ringo, and the “nowhere man” from the film, Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD; are set to be released as an official Lego set, thanks to the brand’s fan-driven Lego Ideas community. Originally created by contributor-builder Kevin Szeto, the brick version of the iconic sub features a removable top and can fit all four Beatles Minifigs safely inside. And, while there’s not much else to it, the set is so loyal to the look of the film and it’s a must have for fans of the Beatles and Lego alike. This 550+ piece set will hit stores on November 1st at an MSRP of $60. [Purchase]

Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine 02