This Little LEGO Concept Wonderfully Replicates The Tesla Cybertruck

Despite being released amongst a slew of other noteworthy cars and concepts during LA Auto Show Week, Tesla’s divisive new Cybertruck has emerged as one of the most publicized new models this season. So, it’s unsurprising to see that someone has now pieced together a LEGO version of the angular full-size pickup truck.

Built by noted master builder, BrickinNick, the pint-sized Cybertruck does a remarkable job of recreating the all-electric car maker’s new neo-retro e-truck, down to the LED strip head and taillights. Measuring 14″ in length, the little LEGO truck features a functional opening tailgate and front-trunk. Chosen as December 6th’s LEGO Ideas official Staff Pick, the LEGO Cybertruck has already received more than 2,100 supporters, opening the model to the possibility of one-day seeing production, should it continue to garner more support over the next two years or so. BrickinNick also says he aspires to update and improve on his initial design, with hopes of implementing opening passenger doors, a finished interior, a slide-out ramp, opening charging port, function steering and suspension, and even a LEGO Tesla ATV.

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