Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR

LEGO has always been a proving ground for some of the most interesting and mind-boggling builders, and in recent years, their Technic division has amazed us with innovative automotive replicas. Now, the company is set to release their largest set of Q1 2019 in the form of the coveted Porsche 911 RSR.

The 1,580-piece set will recreate one of the world’s most iconic racers in 1:8 scale, with a true-to-life splitter, diffuser, and six-cylinder boxer engine with moving pistons. The RSR measures in at five inches high, 19 inches long and seven inches wide, and utilizes an authentic rear wing, swan neck mounts, aerodynamic side mirrors, and black spoked rims. The interior of the car pays the same attention to detail, highlighting a working differential, independent suspension, and realistic placement of the engine. The original black, white, and red color scheme is a true favorite among fans of the supercar and will release on January 1, 2019, for around $180.

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