This LEGO Jeep Wrangler Comes With A Working Winch & Articulating Axles

Jeep enthusiasts everywhere are divided as to whether the Wrangler can be considered a “true” descendant of the Willys World War II platform. However, with its time-honoring aesthetics and its design similarities — including live axles, a fold-flat windshield, and a set of detachable doors — there’s no denying that the Wrangler has served as the standard-bearer for the American SUV brand since its introduction in 1986.

With the announcement of its Technic Wrangler, LEGO is miniaturizing a model from the Jeep lineup for the first time ever. Designed to emulate the appearance of the actual off-road icon, it features a tapered hood with flared fenders, a rear roll bar, and, of course, the classic seven-slot grille. Complemented by scaled-down Jeep-branding on the hood, “engine,” and door panels, it cuts quite the remarkable replica. But, as with other Technic sets, this little Wrangler isn’t just a shelf queen — it’s designed to move. At the front, it comes with a working winch and some button-operated front steering; underneath, it sports a set of fully-articulating suspension. So, whether you’re crawling up couches or fording rug rivers, this is one LEGO that can conquer any terrain in its way. Available starting January 1st for $50.

Purchase: $50