LEGO Technic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

Drift racing legend Ken Block has gotten behind the wheel of some bonkers automobiles in his time. But one of his craziest creations has to be his Ford Mustang Hoonicorn — with AWD and a whopping 1,400 horsepower. While we’ll likely never have the chance to drive it, master LEGO builder Lachlan Cameron has offered up the next best thing: a drivable Technic version.

The size of the average RC car, this plastic building block project is a spot-on recreation of its much larger counterpart — complete with an electric drivetrain, so you can tool around your house or driveway doing your best Gymkhana impression. And while the project itself is plenty impressive, Cameron has made it all the better by including build instructions along with it. That means, despite the fact that it isn’t an official kit, you can craft a functional miniature Hoonicorn of your own.

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