LEGO Technic 2-In-1 Mack Truck

There are some truly exceptional LEGO models to be built with the brand’s classic bricks, to be sure. Still, we often find our tastes leaning toward their Technic sets – especially for their automotive focus. And they’ve announced another exceptional kit that will be coming out in 2018, the 2-in-1 Mack Truck set.

As expected, this kit will allow you to build an extremely detailed model of a Mack tractor-trailer – with rubber wheels, a functional loading crane, a storage container, and even an engine under the hood. While that’s special in and of itself, this set also has a major bonus: the pieces can be completely rearranged to build a second model – that of a Mack Dump Truck with functional front forks and even a dumpster to lift with them. This exemplary building brick dual model will sell for around $150 when it officially drops.

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