LEGO’s Longest Star Wars Set Ever Is This 4,800-Piece Star Destroyer

The first ship to appear in any Star Wars movie was the Tantive IV, but it’s the gargantuan ship that followed it — an Imperial Star Destroyer — that truly captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. Now, LEGO has recreated that exact ship, the Devastator, for their longest Star Wars set ever.

Comprised of nearly 4,800 pieces, this magnificent model measures up at a whopping 43″ (3.58′) in length — doing proper justice to its intimidating Imperial inspiration. And, from tip to tail, no detail has gone unnoticed from the swiveling guns to a tilting radar dish and more. It even comes with a tiny scale model of the Tantive IV that fits in its underbelly bay and twin Imperial officer minifigs. Of course, this Ultimate Collector Series set also comes with a hefty $700 price tag. The Devastator will be available on October 1st.

Purchase: $699