LEGO’s Latest Set of Star Wars Helmet Models Highlights ‘The Mandalorian’

You know the slogan: another day, another Star Wars build from LEGO. The Danish toymakers have grown synonymous with the illustrious franchise, and an overlooked example of this partnership is the brand’s collection of brick-made helmets that have paid homage to the likes of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers. Now, LEGO is adding another noteworthy trio to the mix: The Mandalorian, a Dark Trooper, and even Luke Skywalker’s iconic Red Five Helmet.

Seeing as The Mandalorian has become popular across all fronts, it was only a matter of time before the meticulous builders decided to base a new set on the award-winning Disney+ series. Starting with its titular character, The Mandalorian Helmet is composed of 584 pieces, makes use of drum-lacquered bricks to give the build a befitting Beskar-like shine, and stands at 7 inches tall. To go hand in hand with your protagonist build, LEGO has also unveiled a Dark Trooper model to embellish your dark side. It features 693 pieces and translucent red bricks to bring the menacing look to life.

Luke Skywalker minifigures are no stranger to LEGO Star Wars builds, but a 675-brick display piece manages to fall into a category all unto itself. Luke’s Red Five Helmet is finished off with a number of authentic details, with the most notable being a translucent red visor. Measuring in at 7 inches high and 4.5 inches wide, it serves as an ideal collector’s item for anyone looking to adorn the shelf of any Star Wars fanatic or X-Wing pilot.

As it goes for all other LEGO Helmet builds, these will each come equipped with their own nameplate as an ideal finishing touch. Each of these great new collector’s items will be available starting March 1st for $60 each.

Purchase: $60

Photo: LEGO