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LEGO Looks To The Future With Bricks Made From Recycled PET Plastic Material

Photo: LEGO

With everyone from automotive manufacturers to sneaker suppliers heeding the call for a more environmentally-friendly product, it’s become abundantly clear that sustainability is no longer just a fleeting fad. Among the most recent to demonstrate its eco-conscious initiatives is LEGO, offering us a preview of the innovative recycled brick concept that it currently has in the works.

Made using PET material from discarded plastic bottles, it marks the first prototype from over 250 different others like it to meet LEGO’s strict quality and safety requirements. The result of over three years of research by a team of more than 150 engineers, the recycled brick represents an enormous breakthrough for building — especially in terms of clutch power. For though LEGO has been using sugarcane-sourced bio-polyethylene in some of its elements since 2018, nothing this sustainable has been strong enough for application in traditional bricks. What’s more, as many as ten 2×4 pieces could be made from just one bottle. Unfortunately, LEGO has a long way to go before recycled bricks will be hitting the shelves, but it makes for a promising next step on the road to greener creations. Check it out below.

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Photo: LEGO