Build Your Own Upside Down With LEGO’s Stranger Things Set

With less than two months to go until the premiere of season three, we’re chomping at the bit to see the epic conclusion to the Stranger Things saga. If that’s just not close enough for you, however, you can just build your own version of the story with LEGO’s Upside Down set.

Done up in 2,287 pieces, this kit brilliantly captures some of the Netflix show’s most iconic moments — from the Christmas light alphabet in the Byers’ living room to a beautifully-rendered building brick version of Chief Jim Hopper’s K5 Blazer, and everything in-between. But what’s really special about this set is how they managed to capture the Upside Down itself — utilizing a pair of LEGO trees as stands to allow the real world and the realm of the Demogorgon to juxtapose against one another vertically. Including eight minifigs and all the tiny details you could hope for, this absolutely stunning set is available for pre-order now with a release date of June 1st. The price is set at $200.

Purchase: $200