Lamborghini’s Sian Hybrid Supercar Is Now A 3,696-Piece LEGO Technic Set

The LEGO Technic line is an auto lover’s dream. And with so many unique, one-of-a-kind models to choose from, it might be difficult to devote yourself to only one. It’s been a while since the company’s last collaboration, however — and that means that it’s time, once again, to update their roster with a brand new vehicle. The lucky recipient? Lamborghini’s 63-unit hybrid supercar, the Sian.

To recreate the ultra-limited vehicle in a much smaller capacity, LEGO has opted to introduce a complex 3,696-piece automotive pack aimed at true enthusiasts and aficionados. The 1:8 scale model will feature fully-operable scissor doors, functional steering components, an eight-speed sequential gearbox, and a retractable rear spoiler that can be revealed with the flip of a switch. But what makes the project so special is its commitment to authenticity, citing the vehicle’s replicated V12 engine, lime green paint, and gold wheels to add an air of nostalgia. Head to LEGO’s website to procure a set — releasing on the 1st of June — for around $430.

Purchase: $430