LEGO Iron Man Arc Reactor by Mr. Attacki

Oct 4, 2012

Category: Living

Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor is essential to his existence. Not only is it the power source for the Iron Man suit, but it also double functions as an electromagnet preventing shrapnel from entering Tony Stark’s heart.

Fans of the Marvel comic book hero will remember when Starks personal secretary, and love interest, Pepper Potts gifts the narcissistic weapons maker with an encased Arc Reactor along with the message “Proof that Tony Stark Has A Heart,” in the blockbuster movie. Well artist Mr. Attacki decided to build a replica of the contraption entirely from LEGOs, and it even lights up. Although it won’t exactly power a special suit, or do anything for that matter, it definitely looks cool.

LEGO Iron Man Arc Reactor by Mr Attacki (3)

LEGO Iron Man Arc Reactor by Mr Attacki (2)

LEGO Iron Man Arc Reactor by Mr Attacki (1)

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