This 3,662-Piece LEGO Grand Piano Packs A Host Of Fully Functional Parts

The LEGO Ideas division is a unique and clever means of delivering novel designs and kits, allowing amateur and hobby builders to submit their own original designs which can then be up-voted onto the radar of the Danish company’s higher-ups. More than a few of these concepts have eventually entered production including LEGO’s latest forthcoming release, a 3,662-piece functional miniature player piano.

Sporting a remarkable level of realism, pretty much every element on this adult-level LEGO kit is functional, including 25 individual functional keys, the lid, the piano bench with adjustable height, the music stand, the fallboard, and the pedals, which can raise all of the LEGO-constructed piano’s dampers. At the heart of the piano is a special electric motor that runs off six AAA batteries and essentially turns the kit into a player piano. What’s more, is there’s also the Power Up smartphone app that syncs with the motor and lets users select several preloaded songs. The set also includes two exclusive printed pieces with crest-inspired gold vintage LEGO logo and a music sheet that boasts an original score composed by a LEGO fan designer. Priced at $350, the LEGO IDEAS Grand Piano is scheduled for an August 1st release.

Purchase: $350