This 1:10.4 Scale LEGO Build Perfectly Recreates BMW’s Quirky Little Isetta

Though the Isetta was originally produced by an Italian manufacturer before a variety of other marques temporarily acquired the license for the diminutive little car, the iconic little machine is mostly-closely associated with BMW, which began producing a modified version of the “bubble car” in the mid-1950s. Initially developed to meet post-WW2 European market’s demand for small, efficient, economical vehicles, the Isetta is undoubtedly one of the most idiosyncratic automotive designs of all time, resulting in something of a cult following that’s now being marked by the creation of a LEGO Ideas concept.

Pieced together at an approximately 1:10.4 scale, the LEGO Isetta is a beautifully detailed build that’s made up of over 850 pieces. The builder behind the LEGO Isetta, “Jimmi-DEK,” has done an astonishing job recreating what appears to be the sliding window-spec model produced after ’56, expertly crafting the staggered track width vehicle from existing LEGO pieces — including borrowing a LEGO Roundel from an existing BMW LEGO set, and a suitcase to mount on the boot. Some noteworthy elements on the car include an opening door and sun-roof, and a functional steering wheel. To see more of the project, check out the LEGO Ideas website linked below.

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