LEGO Goes Retro to Celebrate Its 90th Anniversary with a Pair of Iconic Sets

With LEGO in the midst of celebrating its 90th anniversary, it has put forth a wildly impressive array of builds this year. That said, the latest sets revealed at LegoCon 2022 might be the most remarkable thus far, as the Danish toymaker has reissued a pair of iconic choices in the Galaxy Explorer and Lion Knights’ Castle.

These new builds are part of LEGO’s Icons collection and feature packaging inspired by their original designs. The Galaxy Explorer was the first of the two to be released, having originally hit shelves back in 1979. Now, the toy store classic is reimagined while maintaining its original look. The 1,254-piece build features the same color scheme and wing configuration as its predecessor. It even comes equipped with all the nostalgia-inducing accessories, including a surface rover, rover compartment, a quartet of astronaut Minifigures, and their robot companion.

Next is the expansive Lion Knights’ Castle. The 4,514-piece model takes inspiration from LEGO’s Original Castle collection which became immensely popular in the ’80s, only to be re-delivered in massive fashion decades later. It is packed with loads of intricacies like a functioning drawbridge, turning waterwheel, and more, making this immersive build one for the (Medieval) ages. This humungous model features a whopping 22 Minifigures, including a queen, wizard, knights, archers, and forest people.

Once again, the fun-loving manufacturer proves its products are for not just the young but the young at heart. LEGO’s reimagined Galaxy Explorer is available to pre-order for $100 and is expected to ship on August 1, while the Lion Knights’ Castle will release on August 8 for $400.

Purchase: $100+

Photo: LEGO