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This Contest-Winning 600-Piece LEGO Fender Guitar Is Becoming A Real Set

LEGO IDEAS is a breeding ground for innovative, brick-based designs, and the bridge that connects the manufacturer and its community. Not only is it a space for designers and artists to place their unique works in the limelight, but it’s also vital for the creation of new, crowd-sourced projects. The most recent to capture the interest of the company just so happens to be the immaculate Fender Stratocaster guitar that you see here.

Designed by enthusiast TOMOELL, this intricate design calls upon 600 LEGO bricks to create its iconic silhouette. As one of the artist’s favorite pastimes growing up, TOMOELL worked and saved for a similar model; but ultimately, he would transition away from guitar playing to focus on a handful of percussive instruments. To honor his distant dream, he decided to pay homage to the “one that slipped away” with this colorful rendition, which arrives in hues of yellow, red, white, black, and dark blue. Aside from the 335-piece guitar, a 287-piece amplifier and 54-piece stand have been included to make the project more credible. Apparently, it was a hit among the LEGO IDEAS crowd, who voted it to the top for impending production. Head to the guitar’s landing page to learn more.

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