LEGO Drone

While drones are certainly growing more commonplace every single day, it also means they are increasingly unoriginal and unique. But the folks at Force Flyers are hoping to change that with their Fly & Drive drone kit – a build-able LEGO R/C flier.

No, this is not an offical LEGO product, but it is compatible with the famed plastic building blocks – making for excellent customization. Thankfully, however, the kit comes with everything you need to put your own together even if you don’t already have any LEGO. That includes spare parts, a 6-axis gyroscope with auto flight stabilization, a 2.4G long-range controller, easy USB rechargeable batteries, and a crash-resistant ABS plastic frame. It can also fly for about 12 minutes at a height of up to 75 meters and recharges in just 60 minutes. Get your own customizable LEGO drone for $50.

Purchase: $50