LEGO Launches A 2,363-Piece Batwing From Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’

LEGO has had an incredibly fruitful relationship with DC and the BATMAN property, from countless LEGO sets and a slew of videogame and movie titles. And while the Danish toy firm has no shortage of modern series and lineups involving the caped crusader, LEGO’s latest BATMAN kit sees the partnership with the DC superhero wind the clock back roughly 30 years to deliver the 1989 Batwing ship.

A 2,363-piece recreation of the aircraft famously featured in the Tim Burton-directed 1989 film, this adult LEGO set measures 20” long, 22” wide, and more than 4” tall, and sports a full interior, a removable canopy, and adjustable flaps. The kit is also sold with a special brick that acts as a mount, enabling the beautiful-detailed Batwing to hang on a wall, putting the iconic Bat-Signal silhouette of the ship on full display. Furthermore, the LEGO Batwing is also sold with a special nameplate that bares specs and stats on the movie vehicle, along with a small display stand for the trio of included figures, which are comprised of BATMAN, THE JOKER, and a Boombox goon. Available for purchase starting November 1, 2020, the LEGO DC BATMAN 1989 Batwing is priced at $200.

Purchase: $200