Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile Is Now A 3,306-Piece LEGO Set

It was 30 years ago that Tim Burton’s macabre vision of Gotham City first appeared on the silver screen. And since then, people are still enthralled by Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, Jack Nicholsen’s Joker, and — of course — the ever-iconic Batmobile. Well now, the latter has been immortalized in a different way courtesy of a DC and LEGO partnership.

While this isn’t the first time the Batmobile has been done up in plastic building blocks, it might be the most magnificent thus far. And it’s also pretty monolithic — measuring up at 23″ from nose to tail and comprised of a whopping 3,306 pieces in total. The size and scale also mean that all of the details have been recreated with painstaking accuracy, even down to the turbine engine, slide-open cockpit, and pop-up machine guns. Plus, alongside the vehicle, the kit also includes minifigs of Batman with his signature Batarang, the Joker and his gun, and even Vicki Vale with her camera. This cinematic kit releases on November 29th for $250.

Purchase: $250